Personalised CPD Prospectus Printing

ESP worked in tandem with our agency BRAVEDOG to deliver a suite of branded marketing collateral.

What they needed

A solution that would deliver high-quality printed prospectus in volume and also enable candidates to order a personalised prospectus (online), individually tailored to their subject and course preferences. With a number of different postgraduate courses available the appropriate prospectus needed to be relevant and work-hard to convert enquiry into interest and course take-up.


Previous challenges

Before engaging ESP, Improve International used a number of different suppliers to design and produce their course prospectus and marketing support material. This placed demands on their internal marketing team co-ordinating content, approving designs, press-passing print and liaising with a number of people and companies to ensure everything came together at the right time and on budget.

Requirements analysis

A detailed analysis of the existing approach and processes highlighted a number of challenges that we could overcome. Some were familiar to us, particularly the issues associated with using multiple and unrelated suppliers for different elements of the production mix. We could also see that the client’s opportunity to capitalise on sales and conversion was being restricted by the inflexibility of their prevailing solution.

Our approach

We analysed the full requirements and understood the challenges ahead of scoping an entirely seamless solution for Improve International. We sought to vastly improve how they produce their prospectus and ensure that we could provide them with a far more effective way of communicating and providing key information to those showing an interest in their postgraduate courses. The fact that we can provide multiple services in-house from data management to design, print and personalisation gave us a compelling advantage over other suppliers.

What we delivered

We designed, printed and produced a full suite of prospectus for each course and also developed an online ordering system that enables candidates to select which areas of study they are interested in.

This then generates a personalised prospectus, with relevant content tailored to the individuals’ interests, and their name on the front cover to make it unique and exclusive.